Hands on the World Spiritual Center For Well Being

IMAGINE… A place that you can go to meet all of your spiritual and holistic needs and to meet like-minded people!  To explore who you are and who you can become!

HANDS ON THE WORLD (H.O.W.) intends to make all of your desires available in one amazing center!

Guiding you in: 

  • Spiritual awareness
  • Holistic healing methods
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Wellbeing
  • Life choices
  • Nutrition
  • Positive thinking
  • Educational material

We are a supporter of World Unity and teach that it all begins through individual choice.  YOU can be part of the change, the spiritual evolution in moving the world towards peace, harmony, love and unity!

I invite you to follow the progress of H.O.W.  If you are interested in investing or joining forces in this life altering project please contact Linda at:  Contact Form

In Love and Light,


Linda D. Jensen, Director and Founder of Hands On The World Spiritual Center For Well-being.


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I am a 54 year old Reiki LindaMaster.  Reiki and new age spiritual study have made such a profound difference in my life, I am committed to sharing my awakened state with everyone who wishes to experience the wonders of spiritual awareness...

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